Gigwalk Product Team on the News!

You may not know this, but Gigwalk has a celebrity in the office. Our product manager, AJ Balance, played a young Dax Shepard in the movie Let’s Go to Prison. Fortunately for us, he decided to forego the lights and fame of Hollywood to help build Gigwalk.

Recently, AJ got to be back in the spotlight, representing Gigwalk on international TV. Gigwalk was invited to speak with CCTV America about Blackberry’s latest move in the smartphone wars. What a great opportunity to discuss global technology trends, and show the world we are thinking big at Gigwalk!  As Gigwalk brings mobile work to the world, we are rolling up our sleeves and weighing in on the public dialogue about the forces shaping the mobile tech industry. 

Click on the image below to check out the video of AJ on CCTV!

Happy New Year. It’s 2013. Where is Our Time Machine?

Movies, books, and TV have the power to spark our imagination, transport us to new worlds, make us laugh, cry and scream in terror.  They also have the power to get us excited about technology, and all the possibilities it can bring.

1980’s Sci-Fi introduced us to the tablet. Robots that clean our houses were a dream from a cartoon in the ’60s, and television showed us something like Google Glass back in 2010. 

However, sometimes we get let down (Hoverboard anyone?).  It’s already 2013, and there’s no time machine to be found, car accidents are still way too prevalent, we can’t clone humans yet, and no one has figured out how we can be in lots of places at one time. 

That’s the thing about technology though. Sometimes it’s flashy just like in the movies, but what really makes it amazing is how it solves problems.

Time Travel:



In 2011, people in New York found out about an earthquake before they felt it thanks to Twitter. The speed at which information travels today is astounding, even if we can’t make a fortune betting on sporting events from the 1980s.

Driverless Cars: imageGoogle’s self-driving cars are now legal in Nevada and California and could mean incredible things for safety on the road when they are ready for prime time.

Cloning and Teleportation:


This is one that we at Gigwalk are helping to solve. Sometimes, you need to get lots of stuff done in many different places at one time. Who hasn’t wished to be in more than one place at a time. It’d also be helpful to hit a button and get sent anywhere instantly.

So why not just say what you need, have it sent out to over 200,000 people through their phones at one time, and get results from qualified people almost instantly (without the side effects of teleportation)? 

That is the problem we work on every day: Making it easier to connect businesses to people to get work done anywhere.

Every new year brings new ideas and technology that are solving problems big and small. So we at Gigwalk want to welcome 2013 with open arms and wish everyone a happy new year!  

After all, 2013 means only two years left until we have hoverboards (and I refuse to give up hope).

~Kamla K.

Marketing Manager at Gigwalk