$11 Billion Up For Grabs, and 3 Weeks Left to Grab It

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The Super Bowl is the most watched TV event in the US, drawing in over 111 million viewers. 

Of course, not everyone watches it for the game. Commercials get almost as much glory as the players, and advertisers pull out all the stops so they can get the most out of the priciest 30-second spot on television.  


For all the money advertisers spend ($250 million in 2012), consumers spend even more. It is the second biggest time of the year for food according to the National Retail Federation, and between the beer, hot wings,  jerseys, those foam hand things, and even TVs, consumers spent over $11 billion dollars on it in 2012. 

So while the Super Bowl may not be as big at retail as Christmas or Thanksgiving, perfect retail execution for it is just as important for some products, and even more important for others (see: foam hand things)

That’s where Gigwalk comes in.  We can help you get any kind of retail work done in time for the big game, whether it’s retail audits, mystery shops, or even setting up and fixing displays. After all, the Super Bowl gets some of the best displays of the year. (Check out a few of our favorites below)

We can have your retail work ready to go with plenty of time before the big game.  Get in touch today, and we’ll help you get started.  


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