Who is Doing the Work on Gigwalk?

A couple of weeks ago, Fox in Atlanta featured Gigwalker John F., who took them around while he did a couple of Gigs. You can watch the video here.

If you’ve ever wondered who Gigwalkers are - He’s a great example of the hard-working, skilled and genuinely good people that are doing work on Gigwalk. 

Want to hire people like John to get work done? Contact us to sign up for a demo

Getting the Full Picture With the New Photo Dashboard

We admit it, looking at photos on the dashboard could be tedious. You had to click on each image, wait for it to load, close out, and repeat, sometimes for hundreds of photos. 

You depend on those photos to get the full picture of your Gig, and Gigwalkers work hard to get crystal clear, amazing photography delivered to you.

We heard you loud and clear, and now there are several new features that all make viewing photos easier than ever before.

1.) Flip through photos with one click

Flip through Photos

Use the arrows to quickly view any photo for the Gig

2.) Verify the Gig location and where the photo was taken

Gigwalk Photo Verification

Peace of mind that the Gig was done in the right location

3.) Zoom in to get a closer look

See all the relevant info, up close and crystal clear

4.) Download the image with one click

Gigwalk Photo Download

Try out the new features and let us know what you think.  We’ll keep the updates coming. (Coming soon to a Gig near you: Share Gig results with co-workers)

-Mike Pearce and the Gigwalk Engineering Team

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Before you read this blog - go update your app.  It’s all good, we’ll wait… It’ll be worth it, we promise.  

All done?  If you’ve already opened the app, you probably noticed that you go straight into the Map/Gig List now. After all, that’s the most important part of the app.  In fact, the entire navigation has been spruced up so that everything that has to do with finding and doing Gigs is front and center.


But that’s not the best part. Next time you go in to apply for a Gig, you’ll see something new and exciting for most of the Gigs that get posted.  Those of you who post Gigs will want to listen in on this part too.  

Now, the customer has a choice between choosing who does their Gig themselves, or having Gigwalk’s technology choose for them.

Needless to say, computers can be a lot faster at choosing who’s going to do Gigs than people are, especially when there are lot of Gigs to decide on.  So now, when you stumble upon one of these Gigs and hit the apply button, You’ll get a window like this:


The computer will then use your answer to this question, along with its knowledge of the work you’ve done before to make a decision within the hour of who’s going to do the Gig.  So while some customers will still want to hire their own workers, you won’t need to apply to a lot of them anymore, giving people using the app, and posting Gigs the power to get more done.

Of course, as Uncle Ben from Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Saying you can get a Gig done in 2 hours helps you get the Gig, but not getting the Gig done within the time you say will have grave consequences for your reputation - and therefore your ability to get Gigs in the future. After all, it just makes the computer look bad if it chooses someone and they don’t pull through.

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback, and as usual, stay tuned for more updates to come!

Photo uploading just got a whole lot faster and easier

Those of you who’ve done some of our photo Gigs don’t need to do the math to know that submitting photos can take a long time.  Time is money, so we wanted to make it easier and faster to capture and submit your photos.  That’s why we just updated the Gigwalk app (download here) to

  1. Make photo submissions 5x faster
  2. Let’s you delete photos before submitting your work 
  3. Gives you the progress of your photo submission


Before, it was difficult to tell the progress of submission and it could take a while - Now there’s a progress bar and submissions will be much faster.


Before, you couldn’t delete photos. Now you can delete and caption from the same screen, so you can choose which pictures you submit (saving even more time!).

The app update was just released, and is the one of many to come over the next several weeks.  Be sure to update your app to see!

Stop Looking for Work. Gigwalk Finds you.

Searching for jobs the traditional way is frustrating and exhausting.  Hours are spent scouring the internet for decent jobs, dealing with ten different forms, and scam warning messages. At Gigwalk, you don’t have to scour or search anymore.

With our latest updates to the Gigwalk iPhone app, we are making it even simpler for work to find YOU.

Our new push notifications will alert you when new Gigs pop up in your neighborhood. These notifications (no text messaging charges) get pushed to your phone even when you’re not in the Gigwalk App, so you won’t ever miss out on important Gigs.


Make sure you’re receiving these notifications by:

  1. Clicking on your phone’s Settings
  2. Clicking Notifications
  3. Clicking Gigwalk
  4. Turning Alerts On

Scanning through 100,000 Gigs is made easy with our new search filters. When you are looking for Gigs, you can filter by pay and by type. This’ll help you plan your day and be as efficient as possible when you are Gigwalking.


We’ve also heard loud and clear on Gigwalk Talk that you want to be able to receive your money in larger chunks and minimize PayPal fees. Here’s how you can set your Min Payout:

  1. In the App, click on your name to open up your profile.
  2. Click on Settings in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Select Min Payout and adjust the wheel to the desired amount. 


Our new notifications will also ping you when you’ve been paid. When you receive this message, indulge in your favorite treat without guilt. 


If you haven’t already, make sure you upgrade to the latest version of Gigwalk to enjoy all these new features.

As always, make sure you’re connecting to Facebook so you can share your Gigwalking successes with the world.

Happy Gigwalking!

P.S. Be on the lookout for special pins signifying higher-paying Gigs.