Drop the Crowd - You Deserve Better

You are a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Until someone lumps you into a group of thousands of nameless, faceless people. That’s when you become part of a crowd.

Crowds are massive, but not in a “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” type of way.  It’s more like grabbing a handful of jellybeans and hoping.. just hoping.. that you got mostly strawberry flavored ones and none of the licorice flavored ones. 

To put it in terms of work- A crowd makes it okay to say to people “the work you’re doing is easy and not worth that much.” It makes it okay to say to employers, “The work you need done isn’t worth being paid attention to.” Neither of those are true.

It takes a certain amount of charisma to convince a coffee shop owner to let you take a picture of the inside of their store. There’s the steadiness of hand and understanding of light needed to take a clear iPhone photo of an endcap in a way that shows the floor to ceiling. All work requires conscientiousness to strive to do the best job possible.

"But Gigwalk - aren’t you crowdsourcing?" 

That makes all of our hearts hurt a little, including Bud’s. 


We have a lot of people doing work on the Gigwalk app (Over 140,000).  But our philosophy here is that there are a ton of people with the skills that businesses need to do work everywhere and get it done fast.  It’s not fast if someone has to wade through piles of work that isn’t up to snuff, and it does a worker no favors if their work gets rejected without any explanation of why. A crowd is stagnant, never improves and is nameless and faceless.

We consider the people on Gigwalk a workforce in the cloud. A workforce is skilled, managed and improves over time with feedback and communication. Being in a workforce helps people learn and grow.

A workforce is a custom bag of jelly beans that you make better by adding only the good flavors. Both workers and employers deserve this.