New Feature: Instantly Copy Your Gigs

Posted by Pushkar Modi, Lead Software Engineer

At Gigwalk, we’re always trying to empower you with the best tools, so you can get your work done as quickly as possible. 

That’s why we are happy to introduce a brand new feature today that we call Copy-A-Gig. This feature lets you duplicate a Gig and post it live in a matter of seconds.

This feature comes especially in handy when you want to re-run the same Gig repeatedly or if you want to create multiple versions with small differences in Gig instructions, locations, pay-out, or dates. 

When you are looking at a Gig that you want copied from the Gigwalk dashboard, look for the Manage Gig button on the right-hand side and then click on Copy Gig. 

Duplicate Gig

As soon as you click on this function, you’ll see all the details of the Gig duplicated and placed in the same interface you normally use to post Gigs. Every last detail will be there, including any survey questions, locations or detailed instructions. We will even update the due date auto-magically!

You can make any modifications you want to this copy, make your payment and your Gig will be posted live. It’s that easy.

Please try out this feature the next chance you get on any Gig you have in the system - live or completed. And remember to keep the feedback coming!

- Gigwalk Engineering