Gigwalk’s CEO, Bob Bahramipour conducted a webinar for the National Association for Retail Marketing Services (NARMS) about the importance of speed, flexibility, coverage, and accuracy when conducting retail audits - especially for important holiday retail executions. (Which also exist outside of Q4 by the way…) Check out a recording of the webinar, or get in touch to learn more.

Real Time is Right Now - Avoid Becoming Obsolete

Last week Gigwalk had a brief European adventure.  One of our clients invited us to fly out and present Gigwalk’s mobile work technology to their executive team.  I am happy to report that we had a pat-ourselves-on-the-back moment thanks in large part to a few great people using Gigwalk out in the field.

While presenting, I decided to give a live demo and used our standard self-service tool to launch a store Gig in North America while I was in Europe.

In minutes, field workers were applying through the Gigwalk mobile app.  A few taps later and I was able to sort and choose the most qualified.  Within 30 minutes I had directed a group of workers in the field to several locations where they started on the job.

The real-timeness – afforded only by smartphone mobility is what caught their eyes.  I found myself speaking about the future of field work in a mobile world.  All the while they watched as that future unfolded in real-time on a screen behind me.  


Results delivered in real-time by qualified workers is just part of why mobile field work is the future

Workers arriving, tasks reviewed, question answered, results submitted – all streaming through the Gigwalk dashboard in real time – I was over 5,000 miles away, and yet with only passing effort, I had a bird’s-eye view; managing and directing multiple remote field teams that I had never met in-person.

In one corner: mobile-first, open, app-based, consumerized, slim, intelligent, self-organized marketplace.

In the other corner: PC-first, proprietary, legacy, enterprise-oriented, bloated, custom-built, top-down managed.

It’s time to choose sides – except we all already know the winner.