Getting at Those Hard-to-Reach Places


Many of our customers come to Gigwalk with a tough problem.

The sales of their products rely on tricky channels such as family restaurants, kiosks, commissaries, bars, theaters, salons, coffee shops, school cafeterias, corner stores, etc.

All of these channels have a several common characteristics. 

They are fragmented – Often controlled & owned by varied sets of owners, managers, franchisees – not always central corporate offices.

They are hard to control – You never know what is going to happen in these places. They have inconsistent physical layouts, foot traffic patterns, and types of audience.

They are geographically dispersed - Sometimes in out-of-the-way spots such as an army base, a university cafeteria or a hallway vending machine.

These factors make consistent execution and product sales especially difficult in these channels. You almost need to be everywhere at one time.

Our customers use Gigwalk to change this equation in their favor:

- Bob Bahramipour, CEO