It’s Movember! An Open Invitation to Bring On Your Mo’s

As part of Gigwalk for Good, our team here is gearing up for Movember madness. 

This is an annual month-long event where men around the world grow out our moustaches to help raise awareness and money for the fight against prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives.

Salvador Dali wants you to grow a mo

This year we would like also to invite our fellow Gigwalkers to join our team (both Mo Bro’s and Mo Sistas).  Click here to join our team!

For the first five Gigwalkers who email us at, join our Mo team, and commit to growing their Mo’s for the entire month (or Mo Sistas who want to help raise some funds), we will donate $100 on their behalf to the Movember Foundation.

Now here’s the sizzle – we are going to be tracking our daily Mo grow progress here – come check on us from time to time – you’re gonna like what you see.

Thank you all for supporting a great cause.

- Bob B. 

Gigwalk for Good

Every day, thousands of people do Gigs across the country.  They range from taking photos of store displays to interviewing people about fruit juice, handing out fliers, and beta testing mobile apps. 

About a year ago, we posted a Gig that didn’t pay, but was for what some people will remember as Street Cred.  It was to pick up trash in your neighborhood parks.  


We referred to it as Gigwalk for Good and people had a blast helping improve their neighborhoods and building their Gigwalk reputation in the process!

While we don’t have street cred anymore, the Gigs they did and the positive reviews they got help them get selected for Gigs. That’s why we’re bringing back Gigwalk for Good.  This time, with even more kinds of Gigs.  You’ll see Gigwalk for Good pop up every once in a while with Gigs like:

  • Handing out water bottles to people who need it during heat waves
  • Compliment 5 people and ask them to pass the compliment forward
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or soup kitchen  

Just remember: The purpose of Gigs posted for Gigwalk for Good is to give back.  Because of this, they won’t pay unless it’s to reimburse you for something you may need to buy. However, these Gigs do count towards the total number of Gigs completed. Good reviews still help you build your reputation, and bad reviews will hurt it. 

We’d love for you to send over your ideas for Gigwalk for Good Gigs. If you have a cause you feel passionate about, email us at or let us know about it in the comments!