Meet a Gig Captain: Fernando N.

Two months ago, we announced the Gig Captain program. Gig Captains are an exclusive, hand-picked group of the most experienced Gigwalkers and are trained in creating, pricing and managing Gigs.

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Fernando N. is a Gigwalk super-user and was the very first Gig Captain. He’s a actor and a student at City College of San Francisco, and has been on Gigwalk since September of 2011.  Fernando has over 750 Gigs under his belt including:

  • 12 Customer Intercepts
  • Hundreds of Photos
  • 32 Store Audits

He’s also captained nearly 20 Gigs -Including store audits, customer intercepts, mystery shops, verification, and much more.  We asked him a few questions about his experience as a Gig Captain:

What does your job as a Gig Captain entail?

Gig Captaining entails having a thorough understanding of the results clients are looking for and how Gigwalk delivers those results: Making yourself available to go above and beyond client expectations is the name of the game, and results are the top priority.

Delivering those results involves understanding how Gigwalk works from the worker perspective.  The Gigwalkers are the orchestra, and the Gig Captain is the maestro.  Miss one part of the movement and the entire performance will be thrown off, so it’s imperative that the Gig descriptions are as complete and as accurate as possible.  

Once the Gig is deployed, then it becomes a matter of organizing your resources (the Gigwalkers) and managing the results (the Gig itself).  If there are changes to the Gig, then you have to have the flexibility and savvy to be able to change direction midstream. 

What was the first Gig you captained?

The first Gig I captained were consumer intercepts for a consulting firm.  Since then I’ve captained numerous Gigs for a whole range of big-name clients.

What was the largest Gig you’ve captained?

As far as sheer volume, it was a Gig to verifying business addresses.  There were a total of 1,750 Gigs in many cities from Charlotte, NC and Bellevue, WA, to New York, Chicago and Houston.  Bear in mind this is before “auto-select” so I had to manually pick and approve each one!!!

Fernando is just one of our many Gig captains who have mastered the art of posting a Gig. If you’d like to hire a Gig Captain, you can Sign Up Here for more information.