Photosynth Gig Advice: Asking for Permission


Gigwalkers have come out in full force in taking on the Microsoft Photosynth Gigs all around the US. There have been tens of thousands of locations photographed and hundreds of thousands of dollars paid out – Nice job!

A common question that we have heard is: How do I get permission if approached by management? Here are a few things you can do to help get approval by management of the Gig location:

  1. Dress to Impress – Make sure you dress appropriately for the location. You can leave the tuxedo at home, but make sure to look professional.
  2. Act Professional – Always treat staff and customers with courtesy and make sure not to disturb any customers while you are completing the Gig. 
  3. Explain the Gig – Make sure to explain that you are helping to promote the business within Bing Search and Maps. The panorama and photos used will be shown to customers who are searching online. The service is totally free to the business and they have the option to edit or replace the photos in the future.
  4. Show Credentials (NEW!) – The Gig description now includes an official letter from Microsoft and Gigwalk that authorizes you to do work. Feel free to print this out or show it on your phone if asked for credentials:

If you do not get permission after taking these steps, it’s very important to stay professional and friendly. Thank the person you spoke with, leave the location and send a note through the app explaining the situation.  

That’s all there is to it, good luck out there!

A Love Letter to Our Founders, Customers and Gigwalkers

from Bob Bahramipour, Gigwalk CEO

To our founders, customers, and Gigwalkers,

Last week the Gigwalk team announced several important milestones. 

We launched 100,000 Gigs with Bing/Microsoft to help them collect 3D panorama photos across 3,500 cities.  We announced $6 million of new venture capital financing to help us expand Gigwalk’s reach, technology and customer base. 

We also announced a CEO change. After years of hard work and huge contributions to Gigwalk, our founding CEO, Ariel Seidman, is off to invent the newest, new thing (and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next).

As I take on the CEO role, I want to acknowledge, thank, and re-affirm the Gigwalk team’s commitment to our stakeholders.

Our Founders

Almost three years ago three Yahoo! colleagues got together and hatched Gigwalk.  Ariel, Matt & David wanted to build something lasting and something that touches real people in the real world.   As we grow Gigwalk, we are unwavering in our commitment to those founding principles.

Gigwalk Founders

Gigwalk founders (left to right): Matt Crampton, Ariel Seidman, David Watanabe

Our Customers

We have been lucky to have incredible customers with vision to see how a mobile workforce and mobile technology can accelerate their businesses.  More than ever, we are going ‘all-in’ to ensure our customers’ success – adding features, building new products, investing in customer care, understanding your needs, and taking work quality to the next level.

Our Gigwalkers

We love you.  The talents of the Gigwalk workforce never cease to amaze us.  No matter what customers ask, you all come through again and again.  The team here is truly committed to helping each of you be as successful as possible.

We are just getting started. Don’t be shy; keep coming to us with ideas, suggestions and feedback (Android) – we’re on the job for you.

Cheerios from the whole Gigwalk team.

- Bob Bahramipour, CEO