It’s Raining Gigs. 116,000 Gigs and Counting.

Only 10 Weeks Ago…

10 weeks ago we pushed Gigwalk live.  Now, with 116,000 total Gigs its raining Gigs. In this short period of time, the Gigwalk workforce has grown to 50,000 members across eight metro areas.  We have added new customers like Microsoft Bing. As a company we have grew from a team of five to eight.  Together, with the talented and skilled members of the Gigwalk workforce and our customers we are reinventing how we find and do work in a mobile world.

Building Reputation for the 21st Century.

Gigwalk starts with the simple idea that the old way of finding and doing work is broken for a mobile world.  Too many of us spend many frustrating hours updating resumes and searching for work sitting at our computers.   Instead of a classic resume, Gigwalk is built around a reputation system that rewards you for great work, and as you grow your reputation it stays with you — so if you do great work for one business it’s carried over to the next Gig for a different business.  

Stop searching, Gigwalk Finds You

Instead of searching for work, we send mobile notifications directly to your iPhone alerting you of nearby Gigs.  By sending notifications (even when you are not in the Gigwalk app) of nearby Gigs we help Gigwalkers earn $60 to $100 a day.

Casual work for everybody

Finding casual part-time work used to be something that took weeks to find.  With Gigwalk, we make finding casual work easy by telling you exactly where the Gigs are located, how much they pay, and what is required to successfully complete the Gig. And the Gigwalker community is here to help everybody along the way.

Businesses are Tapping the Gigwalk Mobile Workforce

Gigwalkers are your friends and neighbors. Their skills, creativity, and proven abilities to get stuff done allow top companies such as Microsoft Bing, TomTom,, (divison of Omnicom Group),, and many others to confidently tap the Gigwalk mobile workforce for targeted information in the eight major metropolitan areas of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago.

Microsoft Bing joins Gigwalk

We are excited to share this one. Microsoft Bing has joined the Gigwalk roster of clients. David Gedye, lead program manager of Bing Mobile captured it here: “By combining Gigwalk’s tech-savvy mobile force with our popular Photosynth app, we’re able to add immersive panoramas to Bing local search results, so people can accurately see the details of a business such as a store or restaurant.” David added, “Gigwalk’s network delivers high-quality results, often within 24 hours, and that’s hard to beat.”

The journey to reinvent work for a mobile world is getting started, join now by downloading the Gigwalk app. More to come.

Ariel, David, Matt + Gigwalk team

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