Eyes & Ears + Arms & Legs

We often describe Gigwalkers in our mobile network as a “workforce”.  That term has important meaning to businesses that use Gigwalk to get jobs done out in the world.


We have built the Gigwalk workforce to consist of real people with real identities, skills, backgrounds – not a faceless crowd of consumers with iPhones who just happen to be at the right place at the right time.

And we have built the Gigwalk workforce to do work – real work.

Yes, they can be your eyes and ears to collect data and photos from the field.  But they can also be your arms and legs to actually touch the world on your behalf.

We have seen businesses deploy Gigwalk workers to do administrative work,  interview consumers, put up signagedeliver goods, hand out flyers, and so much more.

We have gathered more than 1 billion data points on the Gigwalk workforce in the field; we know more about our workers than anyone has ever known in the history of workforces.  Through our mobile platform we have an unprecedented window into Gigwalkers out in the world; we can observe promptness, reliability, productivity rates, responsiveness, successes, failures, and demonstrated skills.

All of this data allows us to instantly deploy the best Gigwalker with the right skills & profile on any given Gig – no matter how complex, exacting, time consuming, or harrowing. 

There has never been a more talented group of 200,000 mobile workers in the world – Come see what their eyes, ears, arms and legs can do for your business on Gigwalk.

Bob Bahramipour


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