How Gigwalk Helps Management Consultants Reduce Travel, Cut Costs, and Work Faster

It’s another typical day in the life of a management consultant: waiting in an airport on the way to No Name City, Middle America for an exciting week of customer interviews and product checks for clients.

According to the stats, the average consultant works 12 hour days and travels anywhere from 25 – 75% of the time. At bigger firms, associates can expect to travel 50 – 75%. Translation: a typical  consultant spends as many as 39 weeks a year on the road.


With grinding schedules and tight client deadlines, it’s no wonder that management consultants are turning to Gigwalk’s mobile army to reduce travel, cut costs, and deliver client projects faster. Quality of life is better, clients are happier, and project margins go up. Contact us today to get started with Gigwalk, or read on to learn how we can help.

We know that developing a strategy or evaluation for your clients demands substantial knowledge inputs. The kind of problem solving and innovation your clients need to stay competitive requires on-the-ground intel and insights that can’t be gathered through online surveys or remote market research. You need people you can trust talking to customers, visiting locations, and documenting specifics.

With mobile work platforms like Gigwalk, it’s possible to easily reach [more than 200,000] vetted workers in over 6,000 cities around the US and Canada. Our mobile workers support branded clients from Microsoft to Mercedes Benz to Ebay. Gigwalk’s platform allows you to instantly recruit highly qualified workers and teams, access data that starts to roll in within hours, and effortlessly verify all the data collected. Some of the hardest client tasks in your business become automated and painless.

Here’s how some management consulting companies are using Gigwalk:

Gigwalk enables instant data collection: When you’re facing tight client deadlines, speed of data collection is critical. Your mobile workforce will be out collecting data simultaneously in cities around the country, covering multiple locations in a short period of time. Your clients will love how quickly and efficiently you get the preliminary data. You’ll love the extra time this leaves for analysis and other important project tasks. Check out this example of a field audit gig to see how other management consultants are leveraging Gigwalk.

Gigwalk’s got you covered: With an extensive network of Gigwalkers around the United States, no matter what regions you’re working in we can easily deploy highly qualified people. Our hand-selected network of Gig Captains can further simplify the process by managing every step from posting and pricing your Gig to organizing the results. This completely eliminates administrative hassles and frees you up to focus on your client’s top concerns.

Gigwalk provides high-quality, accurate data: Your clients depend on you for highly accurate data. From templates that make it a snap to set up surveys or focus groups. As your data comes in, our platform automatically verifies all work submitted, using geo-tagging and time-stamping of photographs to report work locations. The process makes it simple to meet client deadlines, quality standards, and audit requirements with ease.

Whether you’re a soloprenuer consultant looking for leverage, an overworked associate redesigning your work stream for efficiency, or a consulting firm rethinking your data collection models, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

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