Your Own Mobile Army - Deployed in Minutes

We just released a new homepage design which focuses around Gig templates.

The thought was simple - No two Gigs are exactly the same, but there have been a lot that are similar to each other. So why not take advantage of all we’ve learned the past couple of years to make it easier and faster to post Gigs?  

Here’s how it works…

Step One: Visit the new, and click on the type of Gig you’d like. We currently have templates available for Field AuditsPhotographySurveys, and Focus Groups, with more coming!  (While you’re there, check out the new video that a few of our talented Gigwalkers created for us)

Step Two: Personalize the Gig template to fit your needs

Step Three - Post the Gig. That’s all there is to it!

It always helps to have a little guidance when posting a Gig.  Try posting a Gig with the Field AuditsPhotographySurveys, or Focus Groups Template, and enter the code MOBILEARMY at checkout for a free $15 Gig.  If there are any templates you’d like to see, please send us a note to or write us a comment!

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