The 3 Second Effect: Mobilize Your Usability Testing

It takes 3 seconds for an app user to perceive a delay as a “mobile app failure.”

Think about it: in 3 seconds, you’ve lost a customer. You worked for thousands of hours programming and potentially spent hundreds of marketing dollars to acquire them. Yet one simple tech blip and they slip through your fingers.


                      2.6 billion app downloads means a lot of app un-installs as well

With the app stores exploding with a new app every second (that’s not an official stat, but it should be), app developers are playing on an increasingly competitive field.  Development cycles are faster. End user expectations are higher. And mobile app failures, which most often occur due to non-functioning issues, cost businesses in the realm of $60 billion annually in lost revenue and remediation. How much revenue do you stand to lose if your next release features a serious bug?

So where does the intrepid app developer go from there? Two words: smart testing.

The Dot Bomb start-ups had dedicated teams of people working around the clock in cramped cubicles running through various software tests.

But in a Lean Start-up world, full-time onsite QA testers are a luxury most businesses can’t afford. Actually, when you consider all the variables from device compatibility to data provider issues to differences in levels of user tech savvy, the old model isn’t even logistically viable. You need a team of people testing your apps.

Should you outsource it? Crowdsource it? Send it overseas?

We propose you mobilize it.

Mobility is changing the way everything is done. Of course, if you’re an app developer, you probably figured that out already. It’s also changing the way that app developers recruit, reach, communicate with, and manage the teams they need to quickly produce market ready apps.


How does it work? Well on Gigwalk, our workforce of more than 150,000 people is growing every day. It’s no surprise considering 100 million people in the US carry smartphones, and 22% of the population is either unemployed or underemployed.  With mobility you can find anyone to test your app instantly. The best part is that our testers work from the very places your apps live and breathe: their mobile phones and tablets.

A natural concern is whether or not we can help you find the right people. Need to find 50 moms around the country to put a family management app through its pace? Are you looking for big-city foodies to take to the streets with your new restaurant finding app in 10 cities and report back?  Only interested in working with people who’ve tested a lot of apps and have the great reviews to prove it?   All of them are using smartphones, and are easy to find using a system like ours

Gigwalk’s toolset is designed to make it easy to get started. Our online suite gives you all the tools you need to communicate with your testers in real time, form teams so you can work with trusted testers time and again, and verify work done through time stamps, uploaded photos, and more.  All information is managed through a single integrated console which saves you time and effort.

Our goal is to streamline your testing by:

  • Making it quick and easy to post gigs using our online form;
  • Quickly connecting you with a pool of applicants that meet your qualifications and location needs;
  • Providing an interface for you to quickly vet and select applicants based on their proposals and performance reviews;
  • Offer project management tools to allow you to monitor progress and verify time stamped work submissions;
  • Building lines of communication offering real time instant messaging capabilities between you and your team;

It’s easy to get started by posting a gig.  In fact - we’re giving $20 in free testing to the first 10 people to try posting.  Just enter the code TRY_POSTING_A_GIG_012 when you get to the payment screen.  We look forward to helping you on your next app testing project!

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