Goodbye Mountain View. Hello San Francisco.

Like many startups, Gigwalk started in my home.  Then we rented a few desks.  Our third place was our own space - a converted classic car garage in Mountain View and less than a mile from the Google campus. Scoble stopped by to shoot a quick video.

We recently moved GigwalkHQ from Mountain View to San Francisco.  San Francisco is great, but that (crappy) little Mountain View garage is where we publicly launched Gigwalk from.

It’s where we had our first flip cup party.

It lived on the right side of the haimesh line - and we’ll miss it.  But the time had come to say goodbye to Mountain View and hello to San Francisco.

Goodbye Mountain View

The top five things we’ll miss about our old garage:

5. Leaves that blew into our office - through the cracks at the bottom of windows.

4. Conference calls in the parking lot - we quickly ran out of conference rooms and the quietest place to take calls was the parking lot.

3. Days the heat worked - they were few and far between.

2. La Bamba (everyday) - with very few food options it meant great tacos for lunch.  This can do bad things for your stomach.

1. Tar trucks parked outside our office -for about three weeks they parked one of these outside our office. I have new found respect for people who lay tar - its hard and smelly work.

Hello San Francisco

San Francisco from Twin Peaks

Here’s our first stab at all the reasons we moved to San Francisco. As we discover more great things about San Francisco we’ll update our list.

5. It’s not crazy expensive downtown Palo Alto and Mountain View — two places for startups that have become rather pricey.

4. Natural air conditioning - the Peninsula can get hot, San Francisco has great natural air-conditioning. 

3. Food trucks - whether it’s Le Truc or the other yummy food trucks you are going to add some pounds eating lunch out and about in San Francisco.

2. Talent is everywhere - in addition to being super convenient for the loads of SF talent you can also recruit from the East Bay and Marin.

1. You cannot escape technology (and we love that) - the combination of a vibrant creative class with new mobile technologies is creating some incredible new companies.

We built a lot of great memories in that old crappy garage.  Now we get to start building them in our San Francisco loft. 


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