Featured Gigwalker: Lisa Duncan

Lisa Duncan exudes the positive attitude that makes her such a successful Gigwalker.  The skills she developed traveling the world helps her on Gigs: Lisa is always prepared, communicates easily with businesses and infuses her work with a sense of fun.  

Why did you start Gigwalking and what does it mean to you?

I started Gigwalking because it seemed like a GREAT idea! Use my phone to make money?  YES PLEASE!  This year has been difficult financially and it’s the first time in my life I fell behind on bills.  I took on a part-time job at a fast food place but wasn’t happy with the work environment, so I started secret shopping, which I enjoyed, but it wasn’t the right fit for me.  THEN, I started Gigwalking.  WOW!  Not only is Gigwalk fun, but with the speed at which I can do Gigs, I’m making $32 per hour. 

Besides combing the streets for Gigs, what else do you do? 

I’m an Administrative Assistant and I love my job!  My passions are travel, learning new languages and about different cultures.  I lived in the Czech Republic to teach business English and traveled around Europe.  Once I get caught up on my bills, I’m going to save my Gigwalk money for my next trip.  I’m hoping to go to Asia!

How has Gigwalk made a difference for you?

Gigwalk helps me catch up on bills, takes stress out of my life, and gives me an easy and fun way to make money, at my own pace and on my own schedule.  Without Gigwalk this month to supplement my income, I wouldn’t have been able to make my car payment. A few weekends of Gigwalking have not only allowed me to pay my bills, but will help me go Christmas shopping! 

What are your two best tips for new Gigwalkers?

#1 Be PREPARED for anything: Bring a snack, an external battery for your phone, and arm yourself with an answer or a question for store associates or mall security.  Be prepared to be turned away when you ask permission, but also be ready for business owners who are excited about what you’re doing and ask a lot of questions!

#2 Have fun and don’t be shy about asking questions.  The folks at Gigwalk are there to help, and so are other Gigwalkers. 

What was your best Gigwalking experience so far?  

I love Gigwalking at the mall.  I get to shop, and make money at the same time.  Just last night I had two shop owners get REALLY excited about what I was doing.  They both had lots of questions for me, and were happy to be helping me and their business at the same time.  That was great for me.  

Besides Gigwalk, what is your favorite iPhone Application? 

Hands down: Words With Friends

Which current event would you be discussing at the Gigwalk Watercooler? 

The unemployment rate, no doubt.  I have so many close friends and family members this has affected.  It’s absolutely awful!

What would be your theme song while Gigwalking? 

It would have to be Whistle While You Work like in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs….I know it’s silly, but I FEEL like whistling while I’m Gigwalking because it’s just that fun.

Have you ever encountered another Gigwalker in the wild?
(Asked by Phil Scroggs, last week’s Featured Gigwalker)

As of yet I have not run into any Gigwalkers “in the wild”. I think I’ve done a lot of gigging in untouched areas and I’ve been doing a lot of “clean up” with straggler Gigs. I would love to run into a fellow Gigwalker and talk shop so to speak. I love the Gigwalk Talk forum, but meeting another Gigwalk fanatic would be so exciting!

What question do you want to ask the next featured Gigwalker?

Are you the only Gigwalker that you know personally or do you have any other friends who have the Gigwalk fever? 

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